In order to maintain certified status, recertification is required every five (5) years from the effective date printed on the individual's certificate for CPPO and CPPB. The intent of the recertification process is to ensure that the certificants remain active in the profession. The Recertification Section of the UPPCC Certification Handbook provides additional assistance in understanding and navigating the recertification process. Each candidate for recertification must complete the Recertification Application within the specified five (5) year time frame. The application consists of three (3) categories of involvement.

  • Continuing Education - Accredited
  • Continuing Education - Non-Accredited
  • Professional Contributions

Contact hours for recertification must be earned in a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) possible categories. All contact hours claimed must have been earned after the issue date of the original certificate or the date of last recertification. Total contact hours required to recertify are as follows:

  • CPPO or CPPB - 45 contact hours
  • Dual Status - 45 contact hours
  • Lapsed Status (one or both certifications) - 55 contact hours

Must I recertify both certifications separately or can I combine the process for my CPPO and CPPB?
Individuals who have earned both UPPCC certifications may combine the two recertifications into one simplified process. Applicants interested in combining their recertification should complete the current Recertification Application and indicate "Dual Recertification" in Section II of the application. Individuals who submit under Dual Certifications are required to achieve 45 total contact hours. Upon approval, the two expiration dates will be consolidated into one expiration for both certifications and two new certificates will be issued. The closest expiration date will serve as the revised expiration date for both certifications.

How do I determine contact hours earned?
Contact hours may be earned in the Continuing Education - Non-Accredited section for attending procurement-related conferences, meetings, events, etc. The certificant may claim one (1) contact hour for each clock hour of education, including partial hours, up to a maximum of 8 contact hours per day.

Contact hours may be earned in the Continuing Education - Accredited section for the completion of procurement-related coursework at the formal education level or seminars, courses, training events, etc. that are offered by professional procurement organizations provided that they are accredited by a 3rd party [i.e. IACET (International Association of Continuing Education & Training)]. Each credit hour earned for coursework at the formal education level may be multiplied by 8 to determine equivalent contact hours earned. Each CEU hour earned for other accredited continuing education may be multiplied by 8 as well to determine equivalent contact hours earned ONLY IF contact hours are not already reflected on the transcript or completion certificate issued by the provider of the continuing education.

When is the recertification application due?
The certified individual may submit the Recertification Application at any time during the five (5) year certification period once the minimum number of contact hours has been attained. It is the responsibility of the individual to initiate the recertification process prior to the expiration of their current certification.

Early recertification will not alter the renewal period for subsequent recertifications. For example, if an individual is due to recertify by January 2015, but files an early recertification in July 2014, any activities the individual participated in between July 2014 and January 2015 could not be counted toward the next recertification cycle. The new certificate printed for this individual would indicate an expiration date of January 2020 and contact hours for the next renewal must have been earned between January 2015 and January 2020.

How do I submit my application and what fees are involved?
Applicants should make a copy of the application and documentation submitted to the UPPCC for their personal records and in the event that the package is lost in transit. Applicants may submit the completed recertification application to UPPCC by mail to: UPPCC, 2201 Cooperative Way, Suite 600 Herndon, Virginia 20171. The current recertification fees may be accessed on the Certification Fees page.

Is public sector employment or current employment required?
The individual can either be retired or working in a non-procurement capacity, in either private or public sector and still recertify. There is no employment requirement for recertification.