The Certification Process

  • Review the Eligibility Requirements. Applicants must fully meet all eligibility requirements at the time of application.

  • Obtain a UPPCC Handbook and Application.

  • Review the Handbook from cover to cover.

  • Complete the Application form.

  • Gather required documentation (Official Position Descriptions, request official, sealed college transcripts, certificates of completion for coursework, etc.).

  • Submit the completed application with the non-refundable application fee and documentation to the UPPCC via mail or courier service by the published application deadline date.

  • Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for the UPPCC to complete the review of the application and notify all applicants of status. Upon notification of eligibility, approved candidates are required to pay the examination fee in order to schedule a testing appointment with the UPPCC testing agency, Prometric.

  • Only approved candidates are permitted to take the examination. Candidates are required to schedule a testing appointment during a testing window directly with Prometric. Candidates have one (1) year to successfully complete the examination upon receipt of the application by the UPPCC.

  • All candidates for certification are required to successfully complete a 190 multiple choice question examination (175 scored questions and 15 pre-test or unscored questions) via computer at any one of Prometric's vast network of professional testing centers located around the world. Exam questions are derived from 6 essential topic areas covering public procurement as identified in the 2013 UPPCC Body of Knowledge.

  • Candidates will be notified by mail within six (6) to eight (8) weeks of their exam results following the close of the testing window.

  • Candidates who are successful in both meeting eligibility requirements via the application process and demonstrating competency via the examination will earn the CPPO/CPPB certification.

  • Certified individuals receive a high-quality certificate and lapel pin, sample press release to publically announce their accomplishment and their names are also released to the trade press.

  • Certificants are required to recertify every five (5) years in order to maintain certified status.

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