Current Certificants

For UPPCC Certified Individuals

This area of the website contains information for those that have achieved UPPCC certification as either a CPPO or CPPB. It provides information on UPPCC Recertification and CPPO and CPPB volunteer opportunities. Pursuing UPPCC Fully Certified recognition for your agency? Information on the Fully Certified recognition program is also included in this area. Other useful tools and resources will be added in the future.

For the General Public and Employers

Verify CPPO and CPPB certified status for any individual who carries the certifications for personal interest, employment, etc. using the Certificants option on the left hand side of this page. The certification status of a UPPCC certificate holder is available as Public Record.

Using the Certification Mark(s): 

CPPO and CPPB are the marks of distinction within the public procurement profession and earning either of them requires both dedication and effort. Therefore, we ask that you use this professional designation proudly wherever your name is mentioned. State your name followed by the designation without periods.

For example: John F. Smith, CPPB. If you have earned both certifications, you will want to first list the CPPO followed by the CPPB: John F. Smith, CPPO, CPPB.