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Miami Dade County Procurement Professionals to Receive Additional Compensation for Certification

Miami Dade County's Department of Procurement Management is pleased to announce the approval of a 5% pay supplement for procurement professionals who have achieved professional certification. Only certifications issued by the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC), the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) or the State of Florida will be considered for approval of the supplement. 

The path leading to certification is designed to measure the level of knowledge, experience, and competence of purchasing professionals, and covers a full spectrum of skills and development relating to purchasing.  By obtaining certification, County procurement professionals establish recognition as individuals and bring prestige to their organizations as qualified experts in purchasing.  These designations communicate that public purchasing professionals have reached an advanced level of education in their profession and have met the competence and experience needed to attain certification.

Certification of employees, whose primary job function is procurement, will benefit Miami-Dade County through value added performance of the purchasing function.  To be considered for the supplement, employees must obtain and maintain certification from one of the three aforementioned professional certifying bodies.  Approval of the one pay step supplement is at the discretion of each County Department Director.  If an employee has more than one certification, they will only be eligible for the equivalent of a one pay step supplement. This supplement has been included in the FY 07-08 Pay Plan for all certified Department of Procurement Management staff.

It is believed that inclusion of this supplement in the overall employee compensation package will strengthen the County's ability to recruit and retain qualified purchasing professionals, and raise the importance of the profession.

The Pay Plan language is as follows:

Upon approval by the Department Director, employees below the level of Division Director, whose primary job function is procurement and/or purchasing, and who obtain and maintain a current purchasing certification from an organization listed below, upon authorization of the department and review by the Employee Relations Department, shall receive the equivalent of a one (1) pay step supplement.  Employees will become eligible for this supplement effective the beginning of the pay period following the receipt of all required documentation by the Employee Relations Department.

Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council

  • Certified Public Purchasing Officer

  • Certified Professional Public Buyer

State of Florida

  • Florida Certified Purchasing Agent

  • Florida Certified Purchasing Manager

  • Florida Certified Contract Manager

  • Florida Certified Contract Negotiator

Institute for Supply Management

  • Certified Purchasing Manager

Miriam Singer, Director, Miami-Dade Department of Procurement Management led the approval of this important recognition for the Miami Dade County purchasing professionals. "I am hoping other jurisdictions around the country will consider the establishment of similar incentive programs to promote our professionals and our profession. Miami Dade County has an extraordinary purchasing team and I am privileged to work with this group of professionals."

For additional information or assistance on getting an certification incentive program implemented at you own agency contact:

Miriam Singer
Department of Procurement Management
Miami, Florida
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Jill Klaskin Press, CPPO
Assistant to the Director
Department of Procurement Management
Miami, Florida
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