2013 Body of Knowledge

The 2013 UPPCC Body of Knowledge was effective for testing beginning with the May 5-17, 2014, testing window.

Every 5 years, the UPPCC commissions a new Job Analysis study to ensure that the certification exams maintain alignment with the critical skills and knowledge needed for competent performance in the ever evolving public procurement profession. This study, which consists of several activities designed to cull information about the profession from the profession, includes the development of a survey tool, dissemination of the survey, the compilation of survey results, and finally, the development of the Body of Knowledge. The Job Analysis process provides assurance to stakeholders that individuals designated by a UPPCC certification possess an essential common body of public procurement knowledge that is objectively assessed and validated by the profession. It provides defendable evidence to support the content that is tested as well as the consistent standard employed to award CPPO and/or CPPB certification(s).

The 2013 Body of Knowledge is based on input from nearly 3,000 subject matter experts from a variety of locations, work settings, career and education levels and consists 87 total knowledge statements common to both CPPO and CPPB. Although the knowledge important to both CPPO and CPPB groups was similar, how the knowledge is used varied greatly in both the performance of tasks and the skill level needed. In order to best assist candidates preparing for certification testing, the UPPCC developed a Body of Knowledge document for each certification. Both BOK documents consist of 87 common knowledge statements, but where the CPPO BOK lists 68 related job tasks/responsiblities, the CPPB BOK lists 61.

To access either of the 2013 Body of Knowledge documents, click on the appropriate link: 
2013 CPPO BOK and 2013 CPPB BOK.