Applying for Certification

Are you ready to get certified? Complete details are located in the UPPCC Handbook for Certification, but it may be helpful to keep these guidelines and tips in mind when applying:

  • Read and understand the UPPCC Candidate Handbook from cover to cover.

  • Completed certification applications, associated documentation and required fees must be submitted to the UPPCC together via mail or courier service by the published application deadline date. Processing will be delayed for all applications submitted without payment or documentation. Transcripts submitted by an international organization or institution of higher learning must be in English. If the documentation is not available in English, the applicant must provide a notarized translation into the English language at his/her own expense to supplement the original documents.

  • It is advisable that applicants make a copy of all items (application, documentation, payment, etc.) submitted for the applicant's personal records and reference should there be a problem with the delivery of the application or during the review process.

  • College transcripts required of an applicant MUST be included with the application package. Transcripts must remain sealed by the institution of higher learning to ensure the authenticity of the transcript.

  • The non-refundable application fee includes the cost to review the application and administrative costs only. Upon approval of the application, the candidate must submit a separate exam fee in order to schedule an examination appointment.
  • Approved candidates invoiced upon approval and upon receipt of the examination fee are sent Authorization To Test (ATT) letters which contain their candidate specific information as well as instructions on how to schedule a testing appointment with the testing agency during the next testing period. Only approved candidates are permitted to take the examination. Candidates have one (1) year to successfully complete the examination upon receipt of the application by the UPPCC.

  • The application is valid for a period of one (1) year. This will allow candidates sufficient time to schedule and pass the examination. If re-examinations are necessary, additional fees will apply. All examinations must be completed during this one (1) year period to avoid re-application and re-qualification as well as incurring additional application fees.

  • In the event that the application is not approved, the application will remain on file for a one (1) year period. This will allow the applicant sufficient time to gain the appropriate experience and/or education and re-submit without incurring any additional application costs.