Certification Fees*

All fees quoted are expressed in US dollars. The UPPCC accepts payment in US currency only. Check, money order, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all acceptable methods of payment. Some fees listed show a discounted member rate which refers to National members of either of the two founding organizations of the UPPCC; NASPO or NIGP.

Initial Application Fees:
 New Fee Structure as of July 1, 2017 Fees After July, 1 2017
CPPO/CPPB (member*) $225
CPPO/CPPB (non-member) $350
Late Application Filing Fee  $50
Examination Fees (Exam Scheduling Fee):
Exam and Re-Exam $300
  Cancellation/Re-Scheduling Fees:
  • Thirty (30) or more calendar days prior to the scheduled examination

No Fee
(Admin Fee only
if applicable) 
  • Between twenty-nine (29) and five (5) calendar days prior

(plus Admin Fee
if applicable) 
  • Less than five (5) calendar days prior

(plus Admin Fee
 if applicable) 
  Other Exam Related Fees:

Administrative Fee- Post administration, the exam fee paid will be refunded via the original method of payment less a 10% administrative fee for any candidate who does not test and therefore requires a refund to be issued by UPPCC. This fee applies to:

  • candidates who cancelled exam appointments with or without fee and did not reschedule and test during the testing window;
  • candidates who did not schedule a testing appointment during the testing window; or
  • candidates who were granted waivers of other fees under the Exceptions to the Cancellation/No-Show policy.

No-Shows- Candidates who fail to show for a scheduled exam appointment without sufficient prior notification will forfeit the full examination fee. Candidate No-Shows include:

  • candidates who fail to show for a scheduled exam appointment without sufficient prior or post notification (via the Exception to the Cancellation/No-Show policy) to the UPPCC;
  • candidates who fail to show for a scheduled exam appointment without sufficient prior notification, but do not provide acceptable cause for the no-show via the Exception to the Cancellation/No-Show policy to be granted a waiver of the no-show fee;
  • candidate was denied entry into the examination due to a mismatch of the candidates printed name on the ATT letter and the photo identification provided at check-in and failed to notify the UPPCC so that the mismatch could be corrected;
  • candidate was denied entry into the examination due to improper identification presented at the testing center at check-in (improper refers to failure to provide identification, providing identification that has expired or providing unacceptable forms of identification);
  • candidate arrived late to the testing center and could not be accommodated at the time of arrival due to scheduling availability.
Recertification Fees:
CPPO or CPPB (member*) $250
CPPO or CPPB (non-member) $300
Dual Recertification (member*) $350
Dual Recertification (non-member) $400
Lapsed Fees:
CPPO or CPPB (member*) $400
CPPO or CPPB (non-member) $450
Dual Recertification w/ 1 lapsed certification (member*) $500
Dual Recertification w/ 1 lapsed certification (non-member) $550
Dual Recertification w/ 2 lapsed certifications (member*) $600
Dual Recertification w/ 2 lapsed certifications (non-member) $650
Certification Retired Status:
CPPO-Retired or CPPB-Retired  $200
Other Fees:
Replacement Certificate $20 

*Fees are subject to change. Processing of applications received without full payment will be delayed until payment is received. Purchase Orders (POs) will be accepted, however, a copy of the PO document is required and the PO must be paid in full to be able to advance to the next step in the certification process. APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.