Practice Exam

Below are a few sample exam questions published for demonstrative purposes. Such questions are designed to combine book learned knowledge with on the job experience and apply that to a situation or scenario. These types of questions will require a candidate to possess a solid understanding of the concept or terminology being addressed to be able to apply that knowledge to answer the question correctly.

Sample Question #1:

A recently rebuilt pump at a public entity's water reclamation facility has failed due to a valve that was not part of the written service warranty in the agency's contract with PumtUp Engineering, Inc. The entity's facility manager has stated that the service representative told him that they would "take care of it at no charge." PumtUp management will not agree to this oral term from the service representative and plans to invoice for the repair. The oral statement made by the vendor with regard to the repair of the valve which is not stated in the written service warranty is an example of:

a. Implied Warranty
b. Express Warranty
c. Parol Evidence
d. Breach of Contract

Sample Question #2:

The facilities manager for a public recreation center has signed an agreement for monthly pest control. The public entity he works for has a centralized purchasing department that executes all service contracts. This is an example of what type of authority?

a. Delegated authority
b. Implied authority
c. Law of Agency
d. Apparent authority

Sample Question #3:

As the purchasing agent, you have set up an agreement for new software. It is important that the agency be able to continue using the software for a specific period of time. Which of the following should be added to the licensing agreement term to ensure coverage of this need?

a. Transferable
b. Service
c. Perpetual
d. Subsidiary

Answer Key: #1) c; #2) d; #3) c